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Welcome Everyone to my New Blog. This Blog is about My Art Creations & Writing. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


Looking Forward to 2019 iNDx Art Exhibition!!

2019 12×12 Rainbow Mandala on Black Cardboard Paper, Used Oil Pastels.

Last Year I had the greatest Pleasure, of being involved in an Art Exhibition for the First time. It was, in Dunedin at the Otago Museum at H D Skinner Annex. It was amongst, other Autistic Artists from around the Country & some parts of the World. I was thrilled to be involved & see all the amazing Artists who Have Autism, including Myself. Also a great chance to learn more about Autism & Meeting other People.

Last Years Picture was Whimsical Women. Made on Back of Brown Paper Bag on a Prescription Packet. Used Mixed Media, Felts, Sharpies, Pencils. Picture is Below.

This Year, I had the huge Pleasure of Having my Art on up the Banners & Advertising. That will be up on Group & Brochures. Been a Huge Privilege & Honour to become Involved in this again!!

This Year Picture which is Above on the main Picture!! Called Rainbow Mandela. I used Oil Pastels on Black Scrapbook Cardboard!! I have some other Works that will be on Display.

So Looking forward to the Coming week, meeting up with Other Artists at the Opening Night on Friday. Looks like its going to be a Fun Event. The Exhibition Goes for 2 weeks at HD Skinner Annex in Dunedin.

Thats all for Now, thanks for your Interest in My Page.

About this Blog

Hi there, I’m Kylee From New Zealand. Welcome to My Art Page.

I am Self Taught Artist, that does Art in Various Art Mediums in Bright, Bold Colours. I enjoy doing Art for Personal Reasons, for Self Expression & Art Therapy. This Page is about My Art that I Have been creating.  My Art is Mostly Oil Pastel Drawings, Paintings, Drawings & Mixed Media.

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